Debra Joy Hart RN, BFA

Debra Joy Hart RN, BFA
2230 Heather Hills
St. Joseph, IL 61873
Phone: 217-469-7889 or 217-778-8766

AATH Member Since 1995

Board Member 2003-2004
Membership Coordinator 2003-2006
Conference Chair 2006-2008


Debra Joy Hart, RN has been in health care for 113 years. Currently she employed at a home care management agency and she teaches weekly  at a local men’s transitional/homeless shelter.   Deb  also has experience working in alcohol/drug rehabilitation, hospice,  and public health.

Every spring and summer (and sometimes in between) Deb, AKA “Daisy the Clown”, has been part of a collaborating team working with FCAN to bring therapeutic programming to the families affected and infected with HIV/ AIDS. She  lives at camp with the families and initiates fun-filled activities for both parent and child. Deb also gives workshops for the adults on how to welcome and include more humor and joy in their lives. Her programs include: Parenting, Grief and Loss, Disease Stress Management, Spirituality and Faith.

Deb juggles her skills as a humorist, nurse, clown and lay minister to speak around the country to corporations, colleges, healthcare settings and religious organizations. Her infectious spirit, laughter and wit are just a few of the tools she has in her clown medicine bag.

Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator: American Academy of Bereavement (2001)
World Laughter Tour; Certified Laughter Leader ( 2008-present)

Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (1995-present)
International Society for Humor Studies  ( 2007)
American Holistic Nurses Association  ( 2008-present)

Deb Hart RN. Clown Kisses and Boxer Shorts. The Newsletter of The American Association for Therapeutic Humor (Jan1999).

Deb Hart RN. HUMOR and the (W)Hole Person. The Newsletter of The  American Association for Therapeutic Humor (July 2000)

Debra Joy Hart RN: Contributing Author, Honorable Mention in 21 Peaceful Nurses; Essays on a Spiritually Guided Practice. Edited by Doris J. Popovich, RN  MA and Joan Cantwell, RN, MA . Press, INC; Denver Colorado 2006

Debra Joy Hart RN, CLL. Joy Sundae: Using Humor and Laughter to Nurture Your Soul. The Active Seniors: 50 Plus Lifestyles News Gazette Publication ( web and printed, October/ November 2008)

Newspaper and magazine articles quoting Deb on the therapeutic use of humor or featuring her:
  · Central Illinois Health Magazine: October 2006
  · Champaign Urbana News- Gazette: August 27, 2006
  · The Octopus: July 24,1998
  · The Catholic Post: April 13,1997
  · Champaign Urbana News-Gazette: August 23, 1995

Speaking Topics:
  · Tear Drops and Jelly Beans; Humor and the Grief Process
  · Injections of Joy: How to Self Medicate With Humor
  · Giggles and God: Exploring Humanity, Humor and the Divine
  · Remember Life in the Sandbox? Stress Management for Corporate Whiners
  · Joy Sundae (with a Cherry!): Using Humor to Nurture Your Soul
  · Healing Your Heart with Humor: Mind, Body, Spirit Healing in the Health Care Setting

References upon Request
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In 1995,  I joined the organization now known as the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. Pioneers in application of therapeutic humor; William Fry, Patty Wooten, Karyn Buxman, Kathy Passanisi, Allen Klein, Ed Dunkelblau, and Steve Sultanoff were some of my first teachers in positive intuitive humor.

  In January of 2008, I joined the World Laughter Tour and an international community  of Certified Laughter Leaders. I was taught a systematic approach in leading laughter clubs and using intentional laughter.   Steve Wilson, founder and cheerman of the bored, instructed us in the components of  "Goodhearted Living" and the integrity of  laughter club leadership.

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