This Bubble Meditation was created as I grieved the death of Dawn Williams. I was a trusted friend to her, she lived with my family and I taught her how to drive. At age 29 was killed in a tragic accident and left behind her 7 year old son.

This meditation has been a mainstay of my presentations. It has been requested around the world many times. I hope it brings you some comfort.

This is an open-eyed meditation.

Sit comfortably in your chair.

Open your bubbles.
Pull out the magic Bubble wand.
The bubble juice may drip, just like life: Sometimes our magic Bubble solutions drip and make things in life messy.

Take a breath in.
And blow…and watch the bubbles float by.

Look at the colors.
Some of our bubbles popped.
Some are out of reach…

Now, have the childlike courage to try again.
Dips… breathe in… breathe out.
Catch a bubble if you can.

And watch it…patterns swirl, colors seem to change and… they’re gone.

Some bubbles last longer than others.
But we love them all.
No bubble is loved more than the rest…
All bubbles are created equal in God’s eye.
Take another dip into the magic bubble juice.
Take a breath…now blow.

Now dip again and breathe.
And blow again. keep going.
See if you can surround yourself in bubbles.
Bless/love yourself with God bubbles all over you.
And all around you.
Bless/love others with your bubbles,
Knowing and trusting others are blessing you/loving you with the spirit of the bubbles.
Feel yourself surrounded with the bubble spirit.
Close your eyes and imagine you are one with the bubble and love and air and spirit.

The bubble is beautiful.
The bubble is precious.
The bubble is made up of many colors.
The bubble is whole.
The bubble is complete.
The bubble has love and air and spirit around it.
The bubble has love and air and spirit within it.

And when the bubble pops…. The love and air and spirit remain… to blow other bubbles.

Take another breath.
Because you will blow bubbles again.

For Dawn Williams… a beautiful bubble in my life!
– Debra Joy Hart 1999