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Radio Interview with God

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To my listening audience: In a special ‘alive’ interview with the ‘King of Creation’, the “’Ultimate of Deities’  (with my apologies to Buddhism) and … ‘Our Maker of all Creation.’, I present to you God, on, ‘Silence.’ DH: God, may I call you God? God: You may call [...]

Humorous Closure Letter

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Humorous Closure Letter. NEVER EVER SEND THIS!! It is only to be filled out! Fill one out letter for each person that you need closure with. I wrote this because someone did steal my Beatle’s cards from my locker in the 6th grade, and I needed a [...]

Bubble Meditation

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This Bubble Meditation was created as I grieved the death of Dawn Williams. I was a trusted friend to her, she lived with my family and I taught her how to drive. At age 29 was killed in a tragic accident and left behind her 7 year [...]

Forgive and Forget?

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Unity Talk - July 1, 2018 Once upon a time in their marriage, Saul Rosenberg did something really stupid. Ethel Rosenberg chewed him out for it. He apologized, they made up. However, from time to time, Ethel would mention what he had done. "Honey," Saul finally said [...]

What is a Miracle?

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Unity Talk - May 2013 My question for you today is What is a Miracle… What really is the miracle? How do you know if you are in the presence of a miracle? And If you pray for a miracle, how do you know if you received [...]

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