To my listening audience:

In a special ‘alive’ interview with the ‘King of Creation’, the “’Ultimate of Deities’  (with my apologies to Buddhism) and … ‘Our Maker of all Creation.’, I present to you God, on, ‘Silence.’

DH: God, may I call you God?

God: You may call me whatever you like, my child

DH: What is this business about Silence?

God: Some people think silence is just left over talking. If they are not talking, something is wrong. It makes them uncomfortable. Some feel that the silence is a great big hole waiting to be filled up. It is hard to convince people of the importance of silence.

DH: So you are saying people are uncomfortable like when someone says, ‘ Knock Knock…: and no one answers with “ Whose there?’ Awkward Silence.

God; That’s a strange way of putting it…but yes.

DH: What is supposed to happen in the silence? I have “heard “all sorts of answers.

God: that’s a good pun. And I’m sure you have. People have all sorts of ‘romantic’ ideas of what the silence is and what is supposed to happen. Some expect me to speak in a loud voice or a soft whisper. Some expect to see “the house of many mansions” or some giant wrought iron white gate. Then, people get disappointed if people don’t meet any of their own made up criteria for being in the silence. Well, Heavens… I’ve seen some of the best meditations when a person was staring at a single blade of grass on a concrete sidewalk. What about a child as they sit swinging high in the air, back and forth, on a rubber tire hanging from a tree?  They have no expectations, just oneness. And, furthermore, you never hear a child exclaim after swinging or twirling their arms around and around,” I had a bad swinging twirling time.”

DH: So, God, correct me if I am wrong. You seem agitated about people putting expectations and blame on themselves, regarding sitting in the silence.

God: Heaven’s yes! People judge one another for the way they meditate and judge themselves in meditation. Expectations are a definite “No No.” There is no such thing as a bad meditation. You may not like them due to your own expectations, but that is your choice…free will.

DH: Well God, what about people that have a tough time sitting still or have their mind cluttered with a bunch of earthly duties. Any advice on how to get a little quieter, wherever you are?

God: Hmm. There are plenty ideas out in books and practiced meditators. The main advice I would give… Don’t judge yourself too harshly if you need to scratch your elbow or swat a fly from your face. Take a breath, exhale ad remember I am in your breath. When thoughts go through your mind, I AM in your thoughts. If pictures go through your mind, I AM in those pictures. If you think about taking out the garbage, I AM in the garbage. If you picture your worst enemy, I AM in your worst enemy. If you are worried about your cancer I AM in your cancer cells, If you are an alcoholic, I AM in your last drink. If you are worried about how to stop a certain behavior, I AM in your thoughts for strength. People just don’t understand all the places I hang out. Animals have a much better sense about me, than some people.

DH: God, what does the silence feel like. How will people know when they get there?

God: Deb, once again do not, I repeat, do not have a preconceived idea of what silence is.

Everyone has a different viewpoint. The idea of “getting there’ is only one perspective. And, for the sake of our discussion, and argument, let’s say you’ got there.’ Maybe you saw a bright light, heard angels or whatever. The next time may be different. Just take a little time each day, unplug your earbuds, shut off the TV or computer and close the physical door to the outside world. Take a breath in and breathe out. Concentrate on your heart. There are several ways to do this. Most important; Remember I AM everywhere.

DH: God, I want to thank you for this interview

God; My Absolute pleasure, anytime. Just remember, don’t judge yourself. And, always remember, any day above ground is a good day.